MMU Chinese Language Society Events

We are proud to be able to handle many events from MMU, Cyberjaya especially events organized by the Chinese Language Society. Two very successful past events are:

The Chinese Recreational Festival 2007

and The 10th Chinese New Year Extravaganza Banquet Night 2007

The Chinese Fan Dance

VVIP speaking


3 thoughts on “MMU Chinese Language Society Events

  1. Thanks… it was nice working with both of you in the 2 events above… We hope to work with your juniors in university in the future and hope to visit MMU real soon again!

  2. sorry kinda busy this few now only got chance to post a comment here..

    hahaha..really nice and successful event …firstly thanx to all the working comm.

    2nd-ly..wanna thanks very very much to major seven, really happy got chance to work together with them.although some problem occurred in between but we manage to solve it together ..hope in future got chance to cooperate with u again lar..hehe..take care ya~

    and for those out there..i personally recommend major seven..service and price is just perfect

  3. nice 2 see back those picture, a success event… thanks to major7 in helping in sound system and lighting..

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