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07/07/2010 – End of Hot Sale Phase 2,

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This page is dedicated for hot sale items only. Check out this page from time to time for HOT DEALS!!!

Kindly take note that we do not only sell items displayed on this ‘Hot Sale’ page. You may purchase any new items from us at a good price. We sell many different brands of musical instruments, sound & lighting system, projection system and more. For more details, kindly contact us.

As promised, Hot Sale is back! Due to a very good response from phase 1 of hot sales, phase 2 of hot sale is now here with lots of items with hot discounts! Check out the items below. (updated 07/07/2010)



1. Stagg Phosphor Bronze set of acoustic guitar strings medium 13-56 gauge – 3 sets

2. Remo Pinstripe Clear ProPack Fusion drum skin set -1 set

3. Line 6 bass pod xt live bass guitar multieffects pedal – 1 unit

4. Yamaha TRB 1004 – 4 string bass guitar  – sold

5. Roland EV-5 expression pedal – sold

6. Yamaha BB404 – 4 string bass guitar – sold

7. Sabian HHX 16″ Stage Crash – sold

8. Sabian HHX 14″ Stage Hi-Hats – sold

9. Pearl Picollo Snare 13×3″ – sold

10. Boss MD2 mega distortion guitar effects pedal – sold

11. TGM beginner’s acoustic guitar – available upon order

12. Wharfedale Pro R2004 20 channel mixer – 1 unit

13. Behringer Xenyx 502 – 5 channel mixer – 1 unit

14. Line 6 floor pod plus guitar multieffects pedal – sold

15. Line 6 POD XT Live guitar multieffects pedal – sold

16. Korg A4 bass guitar multieffects pedal – sold

17. Korg Triton Classic 61 keys workstation keyboard – sold

18. Wharfedale Pro Link 800 active monitor speaker – sold

19. Zoom G2 guitar multieffects pedal – sold

20. Pearl Export EX snare drum – sold

21. Wharfedale SE1200 power amplifier – sold

22. Mens 12″ PA Speakers – sold


1. Stagg Phosphor Bronze set of acoustic guitar strings medium 13-56 gauge – RM 12 nett (online price: £3.00 – £4.00)

Condition: new


phosphor-bronze set of strings for Acoustic guitar – medium (13-17-26-35-45-56).

Availability: 4 sets only!!

Price shown in picture above is in Australian Dollars

2. Remo Pinstripe Clear ProPack Fusion drum skin set – RM 250.00 nett (online price = £45.00 – £55.00)

Condition: new


10″ Pinstripe Clear Batter
12″ Pinstripe Clear Batter
14″ Pinstripe Clear Batter

+FREE 14″ Ambassador Coated Snare Drum Head
Availability: 1 set only!! reserved

Price shown in picture above is in Australian Dollars

3. Line 6 Bass Pod XT Live Bass Guitar Multi effects pedal – RM 1100 negotiable (new price at RM1690)

Condition: used / mint condition.. well taken care of


28 Legendary and Classic Bass Amp Models
22 Bass Cab & 4 Mic models
Over 50 Stompbox and Studio Effects w/ Flexible Routing
6 Simultaneous Effects
64 Channel Memories
Variax® Bass Digital Connection
Discrete outputs for modeled and direct sound
Large Backlit Display
Dedicated Stompbox On/Off Footswitches
Large Backlit Display
Combination Volume/Expression/Wah Pedal
Built-in Chromatic Tuner
Tap Tempo/Tuner Footswitch
Input for additional Expression Pedal
Onboard Deep Editing
USB Digital I/O
Biamp output mode with selectable crossover
Headphone Out
Aux Input for CD/MP3 players, drum machines, etc.
Full MIDI Support

Availability: 1 unit only!!

4. Yamaha TRB 1004 – 4 string bass guitar with active 3 band equalizer – RM2300 negotiable (new price at RM4290)

Condition: new


  • Alder body with maple cap
  • Quilted maple veneer
  • Black-stained poplar laminate between cap and body
  • Bolt-on 3-piece maple neck
  • 6-bolt sculpted neck joint
  • 35″ scale
  • 24-fret rosewood fingerboard
  • Quilted maple headstock veneer
  • Abalone Yamaha headstock logo
  • Oval mother-of-pearl fretboard inlays
  • Solid brass bridge
  • 2 alnico-magnet humbuckers
  • Master volume and pickup pan knobs
  • Cut/boost 3-band EQ (Bass, Treble, Mids)
  • 19-11/16″ fretboard radius

Availability: sold!

5. Roland EV-5 expression pedal – RM 150 nett (new price at RM220)

Condition: new


The EV-5 Expression Pedal is designed for use with keyboards or other Expression-compatible instruments and devices, providing a more dynamic performance. You can set the minimum volume to the level of your choice, thereby determining the maximum effect of the pedal.

Cable length   2 m (TRS 1/4” plug)
Controls           Main Volume Pedal, Minimum Volume Knob
Size and Weight
86 mm   3-7/16 inches
200 mm   7-7/8 inches
54 mm   2-1/8 inches
400 g   0 lbs. 15 oz.

Availability: sold!

6. Yamaha BB404 – 4 string bass guitar – RM 900 neg

Condition: used, all working


features the BBNE2 Nathan East style body silhouette.
Nathan East Sculpted Body Design
Solid Alder Body
Maple Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
24 Frets
Dual Humbucking Pickups
Diecast Chrome Tuners/Hardware
Black, Wine Red, and Natural

Availability: sold!

7. Sabian HHX 16″ Stage Crash Cymbal – RM 600 neg (new price at RM1200)

Condition: new

Description: Professional series cymbal, loud and warm sound meant for concert use

Availability: sold!

8. Sabian HHX 14″ Stage Hi-Hat Cymbals – RM500 nett (new price at RM1500)

Condition: new

Description: Professional series cymbal, loud and warm sound meant for concert use

Availability: sold!

9. Pearl 13″x3″ Picollo Snare Drum – RM 350 neg (new price at RM650)

Condition: used, skin needs replacement

Description:  Steel Snare Drum, loud and clear cut sound

Availability: sold!

10. Boss Mega Distortion MD-2 effects pedal – RM120 nett

Condition: used / mint, comes with original box and manual


  • Produces extreme, low-end distortion for modern metal and hard rock
  • Gain Boost circuit creates huge distortion and sustain regardless of level
  • New Bottom control for bottom-heavy distortion matched to 7-string guitars
  • Tone control adjusts balance between high and low frequencies

Availability: sold!


11. TGM Acoustic Guitar – RM150 nett

Condition: New

Description: Available in black or sunburst colour. Suitable for beginners and girls.

A worth while buy for those who are just learning guitar.

Availability: Order upon request, available at anytime (selling fast)

12. Wharfedale Pro R2004 – 20 channel audio mixer – RM 850 neg. (without case) / RM 1000 neg. (with case)

Condition: used / mint

Description: 8 mic/line inputs, 4 stereo line inputs, 2 aux sends

Availability: 1 unit only!!

13. Behringer Xenyx 502 – 5 channel audio mixer – RM280 neg.

Condition: new

Description: 5-Input 2-Bus Mixer with Xenyx Mic Preamp And British EQs. Highly affordable, quality mixer with a XENYX Mic Preamp and 2-band EQ.

Availability: 1 unit only!!


14. Line 6 Floor Pod Plus – RM900 nett (new price at RM1315)

Condition: used

Description: Electric guitar multi-effects pedal. A scale down version of the Pod XT live.. has great sound and effects, good for having a line 6 pod on a lesser budget. More description at

Availability: sold!

15. Line 6 Pod XT Live guitar multieffects pedal – RM 1100 (new price at RM1800)

Condition: used


Availability: sold!


16. Korg A4 Bass Processor (MADE IN JAPAN) – RM280 neg.

Condition: used / mint

Description: Bass guitar multi-effects pedal. 1st generation bass effects produced by Korg originally made in Japan, great quality and easy to use! A variable input gain control makes it suitable for both active and passive bass guitars.

Availability: SOLD!!

17. Korg Triton Classic 61 Keys Workstation Keyboard (MADE IN JAPAN) – RM3500 neg.

Condition: home use / mint

Description: Original Korg Triton series, 61 keys, touch screen and Japan made quality

Availability: sold!

18. Wharfedale Pro Link800 active speaker (single unit) – RM650 neg. (new price at RM860)

Condition: 2 months old. Used a few times only for home recording, mint, no scratches, still under warranty.

More details at


19. Zoom G2 (MADE IN JAPAN) – RM 250 neg. (new price at RM 360)

Condition: used, mint condition, good first-hand owner

Description: Electric Guitar multi-effects pedal. A simple and great sounding effects pedal, good for beginner electric guitarist who wants to try out some fancy sound! more details at

Availability: SOLD!!

20. Pearl Export EX Series Snare drum – RM 350 neg. (only the snare)

Condition: used on a rare basis, mint condition, good first-hand owner

Description: 5.5″ x 14″, red wine colour

Availability: SOLD!!

21. Wharfedale Pro SE-1200 power amplifier – RM 1500 neg.

Condition: light use, no known problems

Description: 600 Watts per channel @ 4 ohms

Availability: SOLD!!

22. Mens 12″ PA Speakers – RM800 neg.

Condition: used / mint

Description: 1×12″ speaker with compression driver and pole mount socket

A great speaker to carry around, light weight, loud enough for a small band setup.

Availability: SOLD!!


~~More items to be added soon!~~


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38 thoughts on “HOT SALE – PHASE 2 Closed

  1. I need a bass guitar for church usage ( 2nd hand) will do, below RM 350-400.



  2. Hi Walter,

    You could check out the video demo at

    or details of the product could be found at

    The mixer is capable of taking in mic or line inputs however if you’re using a condenser microphone, it does not have phantom power to power up your condenser.

    This mixer is good enough if you’re just using a single dynamic microphone and line inputs such as guitar / keyboard / laptop audio out, you would then need to connect it to your computer’s audio line / sound interface’s line in to do recording. The mixer features one microphone / line input and 2 stereo line inputs. 1 mono + 2 stereo = 5 channels, very basic mixer.

  3. Hi Ladzrus, we could use courier service to send it over but there’ll be extra charges.. check your email.. I’ll talk to you more there

  4. Hi there,

    is it the Behringer Xenyx 502 – 5 channel audio mixer suitable for mini recording, or for mic or instrument?

  5. If the motif 7 is still available… What’s the asking price? Where is it? and How soon could you ship it?

  6. hi! i’m intresting on yr used Wharfedale Pro R2004 mixer with case, may i know wat the best prices that u can offer?

  7. In all this time I’ve known you, I’ve never posted anything on your sites, not even a word of thanks!

    This dude majorseven has helped me alot in assembling my home recording studio. His advice, like his prices, are usually smack on!

  8. there are others it’s first come first served basis.. it is still available and yes it is stock speakers.. just come and test it out and take it if you like it.

  9. why don’t you take the 2nd hand Peavey Audition110 we’re selling? It sounds good and definitely more powerful than 15W. I’ll talk to you more through email.

  10. Hi Michael! Would like to know if you provide any Bass Guitar maintenance service? things like bass intonation? Or if u know anyone that can do a good job + reasonable price, pls do let me know. Thanks!

  11. Hi..Michael. Thanks for the Line 6 spider II 15. Im so glad and satisfied by the amp. And also thx for the SX acoustic guitar. Thx!
    P/s…you will always satisfied with the item from Michael.

  12. Hi Christina,

    I still have stock of the Stagg guitars. If you’re interested, I could deliver it to you at anywhere convenient. If you stay around klang valley, shouldn’t be a problem showing you the guitar first before you make your decision. Just email me or contact me via my hp 0162215271


  13. Hi there!
    Nice website..Good job!

    Well, I was wondering how many more Stagg dreadnought size acoustic guitars do you have? I’m unsure about the purchase, but I’m interested.

    If I were to purchase one, how will I be able to get it?

    Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

    Christina 🙂

  14. Erm … this is a cool web site … this guy helps me a lot in determining what to buy for my home recording studio. Thankx Pal ….

  15. thx..
    Are you talking about multi-track interfaces for audio recording? yeah we have..
    i’ll talk to you more when i see you online..thanks pal

  16. Nice, majorseven 😀
    but too bad i’m very tight nowadays. now.. i MIGHT be interested in some computer interfaces to enable multi-track editing.

    wonder if you have anything of that sort?

  17. Hi Paul..nice to hear from you.. well.. Stagg is a new product in Malaysia..but actually is quite an established brand…

    I have 3 units at the moment.. Can arrange a demo if you’re interested. thx

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