This page was last updated on 05/11/2013.

-This page is under renovation.-

New Web Look (07/11/2013)

We have updated our website! Enjoy the new features and layout. Hope this design is more user friendly and informative!


Lighting Equipment additions (03/11/2013):-

We have added on these lighting fixtures:-

LED par cans


LED architechtural lights


Intelligent Beam type moving lights (aka Sharpy type)


Do feel free to request further info on the lighting fixtures and possibilities. We would love to design customized lighting applications for your venue and events!

At Major Seven Music, we are always committed to making an event look beautiful, with the minimal environmental impact. However, take note that our traditional par cans and effect lights are still available. On why LED over traditional lights, click here.

Sound Equipment overhau (01/11/2013):-

Since our last update, we have overhauled our equipment list to include exclusively first class products now. They are:-


Large format: Yamaha LS9-32 digital audio consoles and Allen and Heath GL 2400 analog audio console


Sound craft, Yamaha and Allen and Heath compact professional audio consoles



Front of House speakers by Nexo (Original) PS series and QSC K and KW series


Monitoring by Quad Industrial Forum series, QSC K series and Wharfedale Pro Twin series



High performance, heavy duty amplifiers exclusively by QSC, Crest Audio and JBL


We are also constantly upgrading all our equipment in stages. Stay tuned!